The Art of Selling Naked - 10 Brilliant Playboy Ads From Around the World

Playboy is a global brand that entertains men around the world with boobs and blondes. You may think that it does not take much advertising creativity to sell photos of naked women. You would be wrong. Here's 10 Great Playboy Ads that Show the Art of Selling Naked:

Take a look at these ads and see whether you think they are effective or exploitative? What about appropriate? Do you think any of these cross the line between being tantalizing and being pornographic?

Playboy Ad 1. Online - Global

This is a viral ad that was used on the internet to direct consumers to the Playboy website.All it does is show the image of a woman's hand on a computer mouse, right? Does the image grab you? Did you see the subliminal image in it instantly or did it take a while? Did you find it obvious or subtle?

Source: Trendhunter


Playboy Ad 2: Playboy Mirror Doormat - Unknown Country

This ad program placed mirrored doormats for Playboy, so that all eyes can see up a passing woman's skirt. Brilliant or beyond offensive?


Playboy Ad 3. Hairy and Happy - Brazil

This print ad from Brazil reads: "1975/2006. 31 years of Playboy in Brasil." The picture is worth 1,000 words. With the simple use of a few black squiggles on plain white paper, the ad conveys the passing of 30 years.

Source: OneDigitalLife

May 3, 2008
by Anonymous

Sorry, but idea for pic.8 is

Sorry, but idea for pic.8 is in the game of shadows and light, witch ressolt is a tits ;)

May 3, 2008
by Anonymous

Great read

Came across this on StumbleUpon, a place full of blog posts containing the same content repeated over and over, so it was pretty refreshing to see that there's still some well written originality out there.

Brilliantly written.

May 8, 2008
by Anonymous


"A dirty magazine for men?"

So, nude women are dirty and shameful? I'll second those condolences...

You know what would be disgusting? If a man wearing a kilt walked over the mirror! Otherwise, as far as I can tell the mirror is not a secret "Gotcha!" kind of thing and nobody's forcing anyone to walk over it. It'll just become a loitering spot where upskirters and exhibitionists can mingle.

Dec 15, 2008
by Anonymous


the magazine is lame as is the old man who owns it. guys who glorify it are a joke.

Jan 31, 2009
by Anonymous


We are not discussing the magazine or it's owner here, but the advertising ideas..Some of them are clever, especially the squiggles. But the one with the mirror is not so great. If it's placed in front of an elevator door for example, people will just have to walk on it, so it's not a matter of choice. Plus this, it's awkward to think that people will look at some grandma's bloomers, because i assume not only models will walk on it..
I hope it's only a concept, though, and not a real advertising action. It would simply be bad taste.
(sorry for my english)