Blood Drip Phone Strap Charm Displays Your Scarlet Letter

From Red Blood Cell to Red Blood Cell Phone, this just slightly gruesome charm shouts out your blood type for all to admire. Yes, this is important - at least it is in Japan where one's blood type is considered to be a crucial indicator of personality.


This neato cellphone charm from Tokyo's Strapya World showcases your very own Scarlet Letter the best way possible: as a miniature IV bag'o'blood. The viscous liquid - it's not real blood by the way - is sealed into a clear vinyl baggie with your choice of A, B, AB or O. You can also get a yellow "Vitamin" bag for the same cost: 525 yen or about $5.00 plus shipping.

The Blood Drip Phone Strap comes with a metal S-clip at one end to securely latch on to your cell phone, zipper or what have you. The other end sports a faux IV line, for when you need a faux fix. Makes a bloody good gift for your fave EMS tech, emo chick or vampire.

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Sep 22, 2008
by Anonymous


This is grotesque!

Dec 19, 2008
by Anonymous


I actually think that's a gorgeous little charm, and my cell didn't undergo so much roughness and dropping (which I think might pop the bag- red stains aren't fun at all!) I might actually want one!!