Blood Thirsty Lamp: Eco-Dangerous?

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Some people sign contracts and oaths with blood. Others suck your blood. Designer Mike Thompson has taken it upon himself to make a bloodthirsty lamp just in case we run out of resource to power things up.

This lamp, powered by blood, can only be used one time. To use it the consumer (a.k.a desperate soul, victim, killer, or masochist) would need to break the top of the lamp then use a sharp edge to prick or cut a finger. The drops of blood are then mixed with liquid inside the lamp. The lamp lights up.

This eco-idea seems a little too drastic and wasteful right? Well, maybe it isn't so drastic and wasteful at all. It seems Mike Thompson wants us all to think more about our energy consumption and how we use it. He wants us to put ourselves in the shoes of a person who has run out of resources, but one. It's this one. We have one last chance to turn on the power and we must use our blood to do it. "By creating a lamp that can only be used once, the user must consider when light is needed the most, forcing them to rethink how wasteful they are with energy, and how precious it is."

Does it make you wonder how and when you would use your blood-powered lamp? Me, I admit the idea is noble, but... maybe it's because I'm paranoid, or because it's the day before Halloween, but when I think about using this lamp all I can think is, "What if this innovation ends up in the wrong hands? Will we have mass murderers to run from?" It's a little scary.

For more information on this blood-powered lamp and to see a silent video of a woman pricking her finger and lighting the lamp visit Miket.


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May you have a safe eco-Halloween!