A Blooming Bathtime Brightens Up Baby

Remember the 1980s Cabbage Patch Kids commercials where they would grow out of the cabbages and act all adorable? This is what you should envision when you check out Blooming Bath's adorable baby bath flower. An ideal alternative to traditional baby bathtubs where newborns often feel insecure and start to loathe a time that should be precious, the Blooming Bath allows infants aged 0-6 months to settle in to a comforting foam flower. 

bloom: Does bathtime get any cuter?bloom: Does bathtime get any cuter?A special bonus with the Blooming Bath is definitely the cute factor. Not only is this an ingenius idea, but you wll want to take lots of photos of your baby sitting there in the middle of a huge flower. Your kitchen sink has never looked so adorable. 

The Blooming Bath comes in a variety of color choices -  yellow, hot pink, turquoise and ivory - making them perfect for either boys or girls. While a bit pricey at around $47 on Amazon, it's a worthy purchase to have a clean AND happy baby on a daily basis. 

The petals will "hug" your baby to ensure safety - but of course never leave your little flower unattended. 

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