Embarrassed? Get Up And Try Bloxers Erection Concealing Boxers

Erections, that's right, I'm getting right down (or up) to it.  They're an inescapable and oftentimes awkward part of manhood that each man must learn to cope and live with.  

Thanks to Bloxers, however, there's no need to think of Grandma, hide beneath a pillow, or utilize any of the many erection reducing or concealing strategies men have created for such hardships.

Founder of Bloxers Co., Chris Woods, conceptualized the idea early this year and created a working prototype after assembling a team.  The product quickly sparked the interest of both producers and distributors and continued to gain momentum through Indiegogo with a video that is both clever and funny:


Bloxers are made to look like a pair of regular boxer shorts using all cotton fabric.  The difference between ordinary boxers and Bloxers is a hypoallergenic stretch material they call "the deflector shield" sewn along the inseam and also around the legs which keeps Mr. Happy comfortably concealed. 


Each pair is $29.99, a small price to pay in order to avoid fleshy embarrassment.  Bloxers are currently available in white, grey, and black, and when ordering your pair of Bloxers, you can decide where you’d like “the deflector shield” to deflect your erection: Righty, Lefty, or Double Swinger.  For $45, you can also buy a t-shirt.  Tough the shirt does not come equipped with any boner concealing material, it does offer some comic relief. 


Bloxers Co. also pledges to donate 25% of their profits to the Movember Foundation, a global organization that raises money and awareness for men’s health.

So if you're having a hard time, remember, Bloxers has your back, and other parts.  "When life makes it hard, Bloxers make it easy."  To order a pair for yourself, or another suffering lad in need, visit the Bloxers website here.


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