Blue Jeans Meetings Are More About What You’re Sharing Than Wearing

In the 21st Century world of remote videoconferencing, wearing blue jeans to an online meeting has become commonplace. In fact you can also show up in sweats or pajamas if you like. That's because this type of video communication is more about the collaboration and saving costs, than it is about fashion.

Raison d’etre

Instead, today when we talk about ‘Blue Jeans,’ we’re more likely to be talking about a cloud-based videoconferencing service versus a particular blend of denim. The Blue Jeans Network developed by founders Krish Ramakrishnan and Alagu Periyannan in 2011 is a service introduced to connect participants across a wide range of devices and conferencing platforms.

At launch, ChannRamakrishnan & PeriyannanRamakrishnan & Periyannanel Insider described the platform as an “any(ware) video conferencing offering," where people using disparate video collaboration technologies could connect. Seamlessly they can access enterprise-focused products like those from Cisco Systems and Polycom, in addition to consumer-facing offerings from companies like Google. The robust platform offers communication without having to worry about the cumbersome stop-and-go add-ons of various infrastructures and/or protocols.


The system allows participants to schedule and attend meetings on a secure, scalable, global network with the intent of connecting employees, customers and/or vendors from anywhere.  It doesn’t matter if they’re positioned in front of laptops, desktops, or in transit with tablets or smartphones.

Blue Jean’s interoperability allows them to join the meeting using systems as diverse as Cisco Jabber and LifeSize, and software clients such as Skype, Google Talk and Microsoft Lync. With one system, participants can attend meetings from home on Skype, commute while staying connected on their smartphones and then finish up the meeting in their company’s conference room equipped with video conferencing functionality.

Saves Time & Money

Since Blue Jeans runs solely in the cloud, there is no additional cost nor need for hardware or software to install or manage. So without the need for a hardware MCU, you can increase capacity by simply adding licenses or virtual ports when the working teams need them.

With their ‘Group Text Chat’ feature, even a large number of attendees can send links, questions, or other communications during a Blue Jeans meeting without disrupting the flow, associated so often in face-to-face meetings.

Blue Jeans’ Ready for Prime Time

Not satisfied to rest on their laurels, the network's Primetime product was unveiled this past December.  While webcasting has been around for at least two decades, it's fallen short in social and interactive functionality when engaging with dozens, hundreds or thousands of people, in remote locations. So Blue Jeans is jumping into the events space with a goal to change how conferences meet the masses.

The Blue Jeans team said it had 20 trial customers using the new service, including the Sundance Film Festival, Red Hat and the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business. TEDx will be using the technology for their conferences this year, and Ramakrishnan said he soon hopes to engage in discussions with South By Southwest, the Austin, Texas mega-festival held in March that includes music and film galas, as well as a tech conference.

‘Right Size’ Plans

The Blue Jeans Network’s ‘Right Size’ pricing plans lets companies easily deploy, use and scale video conferencing across the enterprise for one low fixed price, without the fear of variable costs or overage fees.

The new tiered offering is based on company size and features an attractive low annual fee that is determined by the number of “active users” within the company.  An active user is an account holder that hosts at least one meeting per month.  The cost per active user ranges from just $50 per user per month to as little as $10 per user per month based on the size of the deployment. 

For companies that may not be looking for a site wide deployment, Blue Jeans has also revamped some of its other plans to include more attractive per host pricing, lower ports pricing and revised minutes plans.  Specific price points will differ in markets outside of North America.

For more information about these plans or to schedule a demo with the Blue Jeans Network team, please visit

Feb 26, 2015
by anniegilson35

Brilliant stuff from you!

Brilliant stuff from you! The style of yours is very
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Feb 27, 2015
by Anonymous

Suit coat, white collar, tie

Suit coat, white collar, tie and...underwear. Let's face it, unless you spill cold water on your lap, nobody on videoconferencing will see what you wear on the bottom half of your body.