Blue Tooth Pizza? You Just Need the Right Buttons

Some say that laziness is the mother of invention and this just might be the case but if so, hunger is the father. Endless inventions are created year after year for one sole purpose; Filling our bellies in the easiest and cheapest ways possible.

If there was ever a fitting stereotype for pizza being associated with laziness, this is it.

Red Tomato Pizza in Dubai is one of the latest businesses to further the fast food industry with it's refrigerator magnet pizza delivery button. Okay, that's a mouthful, let me explain. You head to the store where you buy one of these magnets and you give the restaurant your address and your favorite pizza pie and then you head home (I know this already sounds like a lot of work). Once you're at your place of residence you hook the magnet up to your cell phone or laptop by a blue tooth connection and stick it on your refrigerator or front door or wherever the heck you'd like. All you need to do from then on is when you feel a rumbling in your tummy and you feel like devouring a delicious pizza, you press the button/magnet and it sends out (through blue tooth) your order and address to the Red Tomato and in just a few quick minutes you will be hungry no more.


Now you know, if you live in Dubai and you just don't feel like making that tiring three minute phone call or that arduous drive to the pizza parlor, buy Red Tomato's VIP fridge magnet and you're set for a life full of happiness, laziness and pizza.