The Blueair Sense+ Might Be The Smartest Air Purifier On The Market

The bigger the city, the worse the air quality. We breath in lackluster air every day, so why should we do the same in our homes? While there isn't much we can do to improve the air quality outside, we can take control of it inside of home and office. Air Purification systems have been around for years, but many of them can be an eyesore and loud enough to be noticeable. Enter the Blueair Sense+, an air purification system that is trying to redefine how we look at cleaner air in our homes.

Blueair Sense+Blueair Sense+

Now, "stylish" is not a word typically associated with purification systems, but the Sense+ is a good looking piece of hardware. It's available in a multitude of colors to match almost any home decor, with a very modern, minimal look. It's also quieter than many air purification systems currently on the market, and the Sense+ has a place in your bedroom without worry of keeping you awake to any annoying "purrs" or hums.

That's enough about the look of the Sense+, let's talk about what is really important; how well does the Sense+ work? The Blueair Sense + captures 99.97% of particles in the air thanks to its HEPAsilent filtration process with 60-70% better airflow than many of their competitors. Even though the unit is moving large quantities of air, the filter needs only be replaced approximately every 6 months.

The Sense+ is quiet enough to have in your bedroomThe Sense+ is quiet enough to have in your bedroom

The Sense+ is a great unit that also allows you minor control of it with the free app, but if you really want to get the most out of the Sense+, then look into purchasing the Aware, as well. The Aware gives you full control over your Sense+ and allows you to see what's really going on with your air quality and allows access to Auto Mode, which is basically autopilot for your Sense+. The Aware measures the air quality and will adjust the fan levels of the Sense+ accordingly. You can literally set it and forget it.

The unit is a bit expensive, for sure, but if you are an asthma sufferer or prone to allergies, the Blueair Sense+ is one of the best choices on the market for those looking for superior air quality, while not having an eyesore sitting in their living room or bedroom.

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