Bluetooth 6 in 1 Keyboard & Organizer With Tablet Stand From myKeyO

The RESTT Keyboard Organizer by myKeyO is a fully functioning multimedia computer keyboard that opens for internal storage of desktop items. The ingenious “undercover” design eliminates clutter, increases efficiency and allows users to store more stuff out of sight and out of mind.

We reviewed myKeyO's first stab at a working keyboard/organizer concept two years ago and gave it our blessing, as did the U.S. Patent Office (U.S. Patent 6,681,926). Times and technology have changed since 2011, however, and the clever folks at myKeyO have changed their keyboard organizer to better fit our new tablet-happy world.

The new & improved “RESTT” version features a one-size-fits-all front slot for your iPad, iPad Mini, non-Apple tablet or smartphone. Not only is the keyboard Windows® compatible, it works well with Apple products and all makes & models of Bluetooth mobile phones. More prosaically, the RESST features integrated multiple business card, pen and stylus holders.

Flipping the lid and delving into the organizer, one finds about a dozen compartments of various shapes and sizes, shaped with the needs of computer-users in mind. Computer CDs and DVDs, USB flash drives, paper clips, markers, pens and pencils, small note pads, coins, super glue... if it's on your desktop now, it'll probably fit neatly under the keyboard's lid.

myKeyO's RESTT Keyboard Organizer is available in wireless, Bluetooth and USB corded versions and in a variety of appealing colors including black, white, pink and camo. Prices start at $39.95 with FREE shipping when ordered from the myKeyO website.