Bluetooth® Seeks Low Energy Inventions For Its 2009 Innovation World Cup

Bluetooth SIG (Special Interest Group) has teamed up with the sports equipment and fashion trade shows to establish the 2009 Innovation World Cup, a competition to foster the new Bluetooth low energy technology in sports, fitness and health care devices and applications. Low energy technology is the newest wave at Bluetooth, a technology that promises to enable a host of new personal devices.

The Bluetooth SIG, comprised of leaders in telecommunications, computing, consumer electronics, automotive and network industries, is promoting the Bluetooth development of  open, globally viable radio technology for small devices. It promotes and enables devices with very low battery capacity that are easily integrated with traditional Bluetooth technology.

Low energy devices may be expected to operate for one year on a single cell battery, for example, and they would cost much less than current Bluetooth devices.  The technology, Bluetooth suggests, can be built into "watches, wireless keyboards, gaming and sports sensors, which can then connect to host devices such as mobile phones and personal computers."



If you are at all curious about Bluetooth's plans for low energy products, I strongly suggest that you visit the Bluetooth Innovation World Cup website and study the information provided about the technology.  There's a wealth of information on the site that may trigger some ideas for low energy devices.  



Submitting an idea to this competition is a great opportunity for those in the healthcare/wellness, fitness, fashion, and sports fields to make an impact on your fields, using Bluetooth's low energy technology, a technology that is now in its infancy. The deadline for applications is October 31, 2009.