Bluewire Offers Hands Free Recording For Your Mobile Device

Sometimes you need to record phone calls. It's that simple. Whether for business or personal reasons, I'm sure most of you have had instances come up where a recording of a conversation would come in handy. Whether you're driving, or simply can't find a pen and paper, the uses for Bluewire are plentiful. Writers, think of the potential with phone interviews! With Bluewire you can record both sides of a smartphone or VOIP conversation.

Bluewire is currently being funded on IndieGoGo, and is getting a lot of attention on sites like TechCrunch and Inc. The appeal comes in the fact that you do not have to change from using your currently Bluetooth headset if you do not want to. Bluewire can still record both sides of the call and save it onto its internal 16 gbs worth of storage. The Bluewire can record phone conversations from your phone up to 33 ft away and using the free app, playing back and saving recorded audio is a breeze. Charging the device is also simple, as you can do so wirelessly using the Qi wireless antenna. As an additional feature, using NFC, you can transfer files from the Bluewire to your mobile device with a simple tap.

Recording VOIP calls is just as easy, and using the Bluewire you can record audio from VOIP services such as Skype. This works on mobile devices, as well as Bluetooth enabled computers. Slightly random, but the Bluewire can also function as a key finder if you have the device on a key ring with your keys, simply ping the device using the app, and it will start ringing, making finding your keys simple.

The Bluewire is looking to make waves in the somewhat limited voice recording field, and considering it has already reached its goal, things are looking good for those of us who have been looking for an easy, convenient way to record phone conversations.


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