BMR Face Offers An At Home Facelift


The war against aging continues...well, the one against looking old that is.  There seem to be a lot of at home anti-aging gadgets coming out lately.  Maybe this is due to the fact that office cosmetic treatments are so pricey, or maybe it is because of their potential side effects.  No matter the reason, many people seem to be seeking out ways to fight the signs of aging from the comfort of their own homes.



One of the new home devices is the BMR Face.  The gadget looks kind of like an earphone headset, but is actually worn around the back of the head with the GelPads resting around the cheekbone areas of the face.  Electrical impulses are transmitted through the pads to gently work the facial muscles.  The increase in muscle tone is said to plump up the face and smooth lines.  Also, the increased blood flow should give a more glowing complexion.



There is one version for women and one for men.  At $300, the device is certainly not cheap, but I guess comparable to some injections and fillers, and this can be used over and over (with the purchase of replacement pads).  It is not currently available for purchase in the US, but looks to be coming soon. (Update: BMR Face is now available at Amazon and other beauty stores.)


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