BMW Driver's Offensively Painted Car Will Make You Bloody Angry

It's no er, accident this "distressed" white BMW 328 sedan from St Petersburg, Russia looks like it met a moose going the opposite direction one dark and stormy night. All it took was a LOT of blood red paint, the creative use of a paint sprayer, and an idea likely thought up over a bottle (or two) of vodka.

The bloody Bimmer bears some slight resemblance to classic custom hotrods displaying airbrushed flames curling back from their hoods... or those disturbing “I'm Fine” t-shirts featuring an enormous dyed bloodstain on one side. In this case, we have the worst of both worlds showing complete disregard for the daily carnage unfolding each and every day on highways and byways the world over. Whew, end rant.

While ordinary passersby may merely observe with sanguine disapproval, one can imagine the stronger emotions stirred in medical professionals, police officers, EMS workers and other first responders. One can also imagine the callous owner receiving more than their fair share of traffic and parking tickets.

It's probable the owner simply shrugs off the accumulating fines like a bad case of fleas, however. Consider the driver's youth; whomever bought her that car also pays for its maintenance and any sundry “expenses” that may arise.

The BMW's license plate offers a further clue to the owner being one of Russia's one percenters: it takes a lotta pull to get a custom-numbered plate like that. Politically-connected perks aside, it's one thing to offend the proletarian hoi-polloi and quite another to irk your nation's spiritual guardians - that's St Petersburg's famous Smolny Cathedral she “borrowed” to use as a background. Bloody offensive indeed. (via English Russia)