BMW Brings the 5 Series into the ActiveHybrid Lineup

BMW's ActiveHybrid lineup has been slowly but surely expanding to encompass nearly every size of vehicle offered by the Bavarian Auto Maker. While the 3-Series ActiveHybrid will likely be enough for much of the market, BMW has also decided to redesign a 5-Series to offer a slightly more upscale variant.

The prototype will be making its debut at the Geneva Auto Show coming up in March, which will then be entering production shortly after. Sadly, the announcement has not made it clear whether the launch will be limited to European countries or if it will include the US.

Along with the 5-Series ActiveHybrid, BMW will be brining the 535i and the 550i into production toward the middle of the year. The former will be equipped with the new N55 twin turbo inline-6, for which more information can be found here. The other will be receiving the updated twin turbo V8, which is good for a pinch over 400 horsepower and upwards of 450lb/ft at the flywheel.

BMW is hoping the ActiveHybrid Lineup will be able to reel in those customers who are looking for a reliable hybrid that also want a BMW quality vehicle.

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Jan 30, 2010
by Anonymous

I want one

Love to drive & rent.

Produce this BMW Big time.