BMW Developing Navigation System that Predicts Your Destination

It seems that in car technology just keeps getting smarter with every new generation of vehicles. At the rate we are going, it won't be long until vehicles will be able to decide on a destination and drive there for us with little or no input from the driver. While this seems like something from a Science fiction movie, BMW is already working on a system that can guess where you plan on going.

The new system is named ILENA, which is short for Intelligent Learning Navigation, and is able to provide a logical list of places where it thinks you are going. The system works by monitoring and recording you diving habits and destinations that you frequently visit. After compiling the data, the system can actually guess where you are heading every time you start your vehicle.

According to BMW, the system has shown to be accurate about 80% of the time, and this is just the beginning. Once the system has been used for a year or more, they expect the accuracy to be closer to 90%.

The system is also able to take the data is stores and optimize the vehicles performance for a specific destination. Overall, the whole process should offer a 5% to 10% increase in fuel economy.

The real question concerning this kind of technology is whether people will be willing to give up their privacy for a few extra miles per gallon.

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Mar 1, 2009
by Anonymous

Competition for ILENA, Carnegie Mellon University,spin-out NavP

Now that BMW has released their intentions with ILENA you should know about NavPrescience, Inc., a Caranegie Mellon University spin-out.

NavPrescience’s patent pending solutions are poised to revolutionize the navigation market by providing personal relevance for navigation solutions and location Based Services (LBS). The systems enhance a driver’s ability to safely and efficiently reach their destination and manage activities of daily living on time, with minimal stress. One of the underlying technologies, NavPrentice, is a routing system that leverages all available content, including roadway information, traffic, weather, time, and learns individual driver intentions, habits and preferences to generate faster routing solutions. NavProphet can accurately predict the destination, routes and individuals turns. This platform will enhance a multitude of existing services including; GPS navigation (multiple modalities), LBS and imbedded systems for vehicles. Delivery of the system to the end user will be through navigation devices, cell phones, in car systems and online.
For GPS navigation, this system improves the routes provided, by generating faster and personalized solutions. The benefit is that the routes provided will match individual capabilities and profiles, such as avoiding unguarded left hand turns.
The capabilities can extend to optimizing trip and multi-site travel planning, avoiding wasted trips through timing and scheduling of routines, integrating activities of family members, and many other personalized LBS services.
With a short learning period and no input from the driver, it can accurately predict the destination, route and turns along the route. This means that the system is always functioning, and interacts with the driver only if an impediment along their path exists. This predictability will enable the rapid advancement of intelligent automotive system such as; save approximately 105 with fuel efficiency management for vehicles, pre-turn directional headlights, automatic turn signal, turn assistance and automatic glare reduction systems.
The industry has been struggling with the value and revenue models, and has so far seen limited success as customers are reluctant to pay for services, primarily due to the burden of creating their own profiles and the one size fits all solutions. By incorporating automatic personalization and a prediction the value to the GPS navigation and LBS solutions will be created by infusing the personal relevance into each interaction. The value of the content and the experience now can be translated into revenues.

Curt Stone