BMW Improves Hydrogen Engine Efficiency to Compete with Today's Turbo Diesels

Hydrogen power has been an ongoing project for many companies. One of the most pressing problems is the reduction in efficiency when compared to other kinds of fossil fuel burning engines. BMW has recently come up with a solution to this problem by changing the induction system of their Hydrogen engine.

BMW, along with a few other Austrian partners, recently released information regarding their new Hydrogen delivery system, and according to the press release they have been able to match the 42% efficiency of today's turbocharged diesel engines.

The combustion chamber has been redesigned to allow the Hydrogen to flow more efficiently and both spark ignition and diesel combustion technology have been utilized. The most extensive change to the engine was the addition of direct injection and a system that will force the fuel into the combustion chamber at up to 4350 PSI.

Together, the new technologies not only promised to be relatively efficient, but also return quite a bit of power for such a small size. BMW released a figure in the range of 134 horsepower per liter of displacement.

The engine is still undergoing extensive testing and BMW has no plans for production as of yet.

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