BMW Introduces New Active Hybrid 7-Series Concept....May Expand Technology to other Models

It's no secret that BMW has been working feverishly on improving the fuel economy of their 5 and 7 series vehicles. Their latest additional to the eco-friendly goodie bag comes in the form of a small electric motor linked to the 8-speed automatic transmission of the 7-Series.

The new system is called ActiveHybrid 7 and is currently still a concept with no production plans. The name "Active Hybrid" was chosen due to most of the power for the vehicle being drawn from the standard internal combustion engine found in the 7-Series.

When running in sync, the Twin Turbo V8 coupled with the electric motor offers your right foot 455 horsepower and a tire shredding 516lb/t of torque. From a standstill, 60mph can be reached in less than 5 seconds. Once there you can cruise along with the help of the electric motor and achieve a not-too-shabby 20 miles per gallon. This represents a roughly 15% increase over the 750i.

BMW is planning on unveiling the concept at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show. More details should be available soon after the Active Hybrid 7 bows to the public.

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Aug 27, 2009
by Anonymous

Id Own This Big Time

Id drive this & own this, (darn price for & maint costs).
Otherwise Id sure Rent