BMW Noise Cancelling System to Provide More Comfortable Ride and More MPG?

For many potential car buyers, the deal-breaker for diesel engines in the noise they have become famous for. While some are beginning to accept this in exchange for the boost in fuel economy, others are just not able to deal with the distinct rattle emitted from the oil burning powerplant. BMW has decided to combat this by developing a system which will be able to cancel out the noise from the engine and provide a quiet, fuel efficient ride.

BMW 2.0L Turbo DieselBMW 2.0L Turbo Diesel

This isn't the first time we have seen technology such as this used in an attempt to boost sales. General Motors has equipped the 2010 Chevrolet Equinox with a similar system that will allow the 2.4 liter engine to spend more time at lower speeds, where it tends to make more of a low rumble. Without the system, GM believed it would turn drivers away from the recently introduced Equinox.

The system being developed by BMW will use similar technology in conjunction with redesigned engine bays and insulating materials to keep their diesel engines from frightening potential buyers away. As with the application used on the Equinox, the Bavarian auto maker will also be able to reduce the operating range of the engine, mean less fuel consumption per mile. As an added bonus, by revising the engine bay and placement of insulating materials, BMW was able to shave a few pounds of unneeded materials while adding some rigidity to the chassis.

BMW Sound TestingBMW Sound Testing

Sure, the money being used to develop such technology could be used to research alternative fuels or find more efficient ways to get power from the engine to the ground, but with such emphasis being put on "no compromise solutions" it makes sense. Consumers are demanding more miles to the gallon without losing the comforts they have come to enjoy. Thankfully, it is this mentality that has brought about some of the most innovative and successfully ideas of our past.

Automobile Mag
Jun 6, 2010
by Anonymous


I'd never buy a BMW. For some reason, the name makes me think of "bowel movement", not a noisy car.