BMW Planning Electric Vehicle to Replace the 1-Series ActiveE

A short while back, BMW released the news that they will be building a limited production electrically powered version of the popular 1-Seriew Coupe, called the ActiveE. Since then they have been quietly working on their next all electric vehicle, which they are planning on introducing sometime in 2013 to pick up where the ActiveE will leave off.

The new concept, known by the developers as the Megacity EV, is slated to be a subcompact that is loosely based on the ActiveE Platform. They will likely share the same propulsion system, but no testing has been done as of yet. Assuming BMW is planning on cutting the weight of the current ActiveE when the transition to the Megacity EV begins, it could quite an exciting vehicle to drive.

Both the ActiveE and the Megacity will be assembled in the Leipzig facility in Germany, thanks mostly to the flexibility the plant already has. No official dates as far as production have been decided upon yet, but the first run of Megacity EV units will likely be released in Europe toward the beginning of 2013.