BMW Says "No M1 on the Horizon"....Hints at "S" Variant for the 135i

For the past few months, rumors of the BMW "M1" have had nearly every fan of the Bavarian Auto Maker on the edges of their seats. Sadly, after an interview with Inside Line, BMW has said there are no plans for an M-Spec 1-Series. However, the interview also revealed that there was a 135is in the works.

Just like the 335is, introduced late last year, the 135is will be powered by the updated and retuned N54 Twin Turbocharged 3.0 liter inline-6. Peak power output has increased to 320 horsepower and 332lb/ft at the flywheel, up from 300 horsepower and 305lb/ft in the previous generation. As we would expect, a 6-speed manual transmission is the standard equipment, with a 7-speed dual clutch transmission available at an additional cost.

Initial testing conducted on the 335is has yielded a 0-60mph time of right at 5 seconds. Weighing in about 300lbs less, the 135is should be able to make the same sprint in about 4.9 seconds. A high performance suspension should help with the launch and the new aero kit for the "s" variant will add an aggressive touch to the exterior.

While no official pricing has been release, it should hover just under the 335i coupe.

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