BMW's Pure Metal Silver Paint Sure Is Grand... TEN Grand, To Be Exact

Pure Metal Silver may be just one of over 230 available hues on the BMW palette but in one respect it stands out from all the rest: priced at $10,000 it's the German automaker's most expensive exterior paint by far.

The paint exudes an exotic brushed aluminum look you just don't see around the average Walmart parking lot, its staggering cost being only one reason for its rarity. Pure Metal Silver (which sounds like it could be the sequel to Full Metal Jacket) has actually been around for a while, debuting in 2013 on both the facelifted M5 (above) and the Canadian-market limited edition M6 Gran Coupe Launch Edition. 

Before that, the shade was used to highlight the 2012 Zagato Roadster concept – while the Zagato drop-top wasn't given the go-ahead for production, Pure Metal Silver made the cut.

Priced at €8,000 ($10,000) and given the order code P13, Pure Metal Silver leapfrogs other premium paint colors in the BMW Individual series. Frozen Bronze Metallic, for example, “only” costs $3,600 in United States and €3,600 ($4,500) in Germany. Owners of Frozen Bronze Metallic bimmers who formerly felt special had better just... let it go. (via