BMW's M Loses Two Wheels

BMW wasn't content enough to just unveil the details of its 5-Series Touring wagon on the Monday of March; the luxury automaker also released a new type of vehicle: a bicycle. The newest, slimmest member of the M collection is designed to reflect the extraordinary and unique qualities of the greater series.

In order to deliver on these qualities, BMW uses an aluminum frame outfitted in a matte anthracite paint with Shimano SLX drivetrain and Manitou Match fork. Disc brakes provide the stopping power and, in the most unconscionable use of punctuation ever devised, drivers will put their glutes on a piece of high-quality leather BMW calls a fi'zi:k saddle. Like any good M vehicle, M badging is featured prominently on the frame.

That's not quite as impressive as a 507 hp V10, but it's an interesting bike. Unfortunately for BMW, its rare venture in the world of human-powered machinery looks pretty clunky, with or without the BMW name on it. It's definitely not as high-tech or sleek as the F1 bike we saw recently (and hopefully not nearly as expensive) and the oversized top and down tubes look to add weight to the 28.4-lb. total while detracting from the look. The wheels look pretty good, though.

The BMW M bike will be available this June as a limited edition model. BMW didn't offer pricing information, but we have a pretty strong feeling that it won't come cheap. Other M-badged accessories will be offered with the bike including a travel bag and pair of shoes.

Via: World Car Fans

Mar 17, 2010
by Anonymous

Wow, I wonder what they will


I wonder what they will do to live up to the acronym BMW...Break My Wallet...maybe the innertube is $1,000?

Who would waste their money on this pile of ....