Board Anywhere With The Spooner

The one real negative of board sports is that they all require pretty specific conditions. You need snow to snowboard. You need waves and water to surf. You need wind to kiteboard. You need smooth pavement to skateboard. And on and on.

Here's something more versatile: the Spooner. Not sure that the name yells "next great board sport," but the board is a balance board designed to "simulate all kinds of board sports safely on any surface indoors or out." It works on grass, pavement, indoor flooring, snow etc. The balance board lets riders of all sizes perform tricks, airs, spins and flips. It can even double as a sled on snow days. 

The board was designed by a group of San Diego surfers. They scribbled a business plan on a napkin--presumably in a local tiki bar--ripped a dog igloo in half in the back of a surf shop, and created an all-conditions balance board that looks like pure fun. The company is hoping to triple sales of its American-made board this year.

Launched at the International Toy Fair in New York last month, the Spooner is designed for kids ages 4 and up. You can pick your Spooner up at Amazon for around 35 bucks.  Check it out: 

Press Release via Coolest Gadgets 


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