Board Game Offers Fun Coupled With Safety Tips

Sticking a fork into an electrical outlet.

Talking to that "nice" man on the Internet-and agreeing to meet him at his house.

Eating my Mom's sandbox-dry turkey at Thanksgiving.

Okay... maybe two out of three of the above are actually dangerous (but I'm tellin' ya... that turkey was Gobi Desert dry!  No oasis in sight).

We all know that kids simply don't listen.  Well, most of them don't.  You generally have to tell them something five times for it to get through.  So in trying to warn a child of something potentially dangerous, you have to have a tenacity that borders on fanatical.  This explains why so many parents look absolutely exhausted; all of their zest for life has been sucked out of them in an attempt to keep their children alive (so that their children can do the same thing with their children... and so on...).

I'm exaggerating, of course (sort of...).  What it boils down to is this: kids need an entertaining, engaging way to learn.  A way that doesn't cause parents to age ten years in five seconds.

 As I've often mentioned in my Blog, I'm a huge fan of tricking kids into learning.  When they don't know that they are actually acquiring knowledge, they enjoy it.

And Safety Brainiac-Junior Edition looks to be the answer.

Safety and potential parental sanity, all in one box.Safety and potential parental sanity, all in one box.

Though it sports box art that looks populated by refugees from SchoolHouse Rock, this game has a lot to offer both children and adults alike.  Kids and parents are confronted with 360 questions covering a wide range of dangerous situations-including bullies, poison, violent weather, pedestrian safety, guns, and more.

Each correctly answered question garners a token, which can then be cashed in for puzzle pieces used to complete the Safety Brainiac Puzzle.  When the last piece of the puzzle is in place, the player must get back to the center of the board and answer a final question to win.

The winner (hopefully a kid, and not the "I MUST WIN EVERYTHING AND CRUSH YOUR SPIRIT TO REGAIN MY LOST YOUTH football/volleyball/baseball/basketball/hockey/weight-lifting Mom or Dad) is awarded a Safety Brainiac Winner's Certificate.

Pretty neat trick to teach the kiddos how not to walk into traffic during a gunfight while a tornado rips through the town, eh?

You can find Safety Brainiac-Junior Edition at Amazon.

SOURCE: Free Press Release Center

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Feb 5, 2009
by Cosetta
Cosetta's picture

What a fascinating read! I

What a fascinating read!

I guess learning for kids is like pulling teeth and/or eating vegetables! (which you can't do without teeth)


Happy Patent,


Feb 5, 2009
by John P. Barker
John P. Barker's picture


Yeah... I tutor on the side and teaching kids is akin to lifting the Empire State Building with your pinky.  Most of them simply don't like to learn when they KNOW they're having to learn.  Sooooo... tricking them is good...

Feb 12, 2009
by Anonymous

It works both ways

My godson who's 3 1/2 upon playing wii sports for 5 mins suddenly announced "This is exercise!" and now refers to it as the exercise game.

I think future attempts to get him to the park for fresh air "as he needs to exercise" will be met with a new argument.


Feb 12, 2009
by John P. Barker
John P. Barker's picture

That's not bad...

Any way to educate kids (or get them to run around outside) is a plus.  I like your thinking...