The Bobble Offers A Healthy, Cost-Effective Take On Bottled Water

We hear all of the time that staying hydrated is one of the best ways to stay healthy and look great, but there is also a lot of harmful or just plain disgusting tasting stuff in our regular tap water.  In recent years, many people have turned to buying bottled water to carry with them throughout the day or investing in filtered water for their homes.  This revolution of sorts has helped many people incorporate more water into their daily routines, but it hasn’t been without its drawbacks.

A lot of bottled water comes in plastic packaging.  While most of these bottles can be recycled, they often are not.  In addition, the cost of purchasing a bottle or two of water each day can really add up, as does buying filtered water for your home.  There was also an issue with some of the refillable plastic bottles leaking harmful chemicals into the water.  Well, the new Bobble takes all of these concerns into consideration.

The reusable Bobble is made from recycled material and is recyclable itself.  It is free of BPA, Phthalates and PVC.  You just fill your Bobble with tap water and it is filtered as you drink it.  The colorful filter removes the organic contaminants.  It is recommended that the filter be changed after 2 months of use or 40 gallons/150 litres.  The Bobble sells for around $10 and new filters are about $7.  When you order from the Bobble site you are even given the option of having a reminder sent to you when it is time to change your filter.