Bodega: Hidden Shoe Store With Entrance Through A Vending Machine

Everyone knows that the hottest businesses are the ones that are impossible to find, because they're just so highly sought after they have to be discreet. We've seen hidden sushi restaurants that are all the rage, and now there's a shoe store that's following suit in an even more unique way.

Bodega Hidden StoreBodega Hidden Store

Bodega is a Boston sneaker store which people truly wouldn't be able to find despite their best efforts because it's hidden under the guise of a convenience store. Shoppers need to enter, and find the Snapple vending machine on one of the walls, and then they have the ability to go underground and shop at the exclusive shoe boutique.

Bodega Shoe StoreBodega Shoe Store

If you're up for a shopping trip turned scavenger hunt, then Bodega's the place to visit!

Via: TrendHunter