Body Toner: In Home Workout Ridiculousness

Body TonerBody Toner

Inventist's Body Toner looks like something off a 1980's infomercial (and judging by the Body Toner's YouTube video, it may be). However, this little device could be your ticket to a fit and trim body, without the help of a gym.

First, you have to check out the Body Toner's YouTube video. Judge for yourself whether or not you think "80's infomercial."

The Body Toner may look a little silly, and the people using it definitely look silly. However, this little piece of equipment could give you a total body workout. It's design, resistance bands attached to a platform, on one end, and handles, on the other, allows the user range of motion in all directions and so you can perform a variety of exercises that will work the whole body. 

You can also adjust the resistance you get from the bands, but therein lies my problem with the Body Toner. Check out the video once more. It doesn't seem like it's that difficult to move the resistance. I don't think the Body Toner's resistance bands provide a great deal of resistance. 

However, some resistance is better than none and as long as your goal isn't to gain 20 pounds of muscle, the Body Toner could help you see fitness results. It's versatility makes it an ideal, compact total body trainer. For more information on the Body Toner and it's potential benefits, check out Inventist's website