Body Check Ball: Fitness Info In The Palm Of Your Hand

You know that you're out of shape just by staring at those gelotinous mounds of flesh on your torso. But if you're wondering just how out of shape you are, the Body Check Ball is here to help. Cup the ball between both your hands, and then grimace in nervous anticipation as it measures a variety of health and fitness statistics.  Within an instant, you'll get to see your body fat, bone density and percentage of muscle. You can use this information to determine how much hard sculpting you have left to do or to pat yourself on the back for a healthy, trim body. Read it all on a big, backlit LCD display, so there's no mistaking those numbers-- you really are that chubby.

One Body Check Ball will work for your entire family, so the $39 it costs really is a small sum;  ball supports 10 separate user profiles. The ball takes four AA batteries and provides a quick, simple solution to access important information. Of course, many of us prefer to be in denial about the slovenly state of our fitness, so the $39 might be better spent for a few meals at Carl's Jr. and several large tubs of Haagen Dazs.

via: DVICE