Body Of Evidence - Using Your Body As A Laboratory

“John Searle put forward the view that a shoe is not conscious therefore a computer cannot be conscious. By the same sort of analogy though, a cabbage is not conscious therefore a human cannot be conscious” - Kevin Warwick

Keith Richards has been known to say that he considers his body a laboratory, but unfortunately, due largely to the nature of the things he has tested, very little of his decades of experimentation could be considered truly scientific.

Kevin Warwick, on the other hand, has taken a more scientific approach to using his body as a lab. Warwick - who, like Richards, hails from England and has a first name starting with K - has been implanting things into his body in the name of science since 1998.

The Professor of Cybernetics at the University of Reading started with a simple transmitter, which allowed him to open doors and play with appliances without getting off his chair. Four years later, he took it to the next level, by inserting a neural implant that interacted directly with his nervous system. With this array of 100 electrodes, he was able to operate a robot arm from the other side of the Atlantic, via the internet.

Then, he had another neural array implanted in his wife, and now they are able to communicate better.

He has also programmed robots to teach one another, which mightn't be such a great idea. But who knows? If everyone ends up becoming a cyborg like Warwick, they might be able to teach us a thing or two - especially if he has any more success growing robot brains. Don't ask, just watch: