Body Parts Art - 5 Unique Body Painting Techniques

Our body parts have many functions. But who knew they could also be used for art? Take a look at some of the ways people use their body parts to make works of art.

1. Butt Painting

Stephen Murmer used to be an art teacher in Virginia, but lost his job when school officials didn't agree with his method of creating his art - with his buttocks.

Stephen Murmer hard at workStephen Murmer hard at work

Stephen creates abstract art using his butt and sometimes his genitals - when he needs to add detail to his paintings. The paintings were selling for about $900 each.



Murmer won $65,000 in a settlement from the school that fired him. He argued that a person has a right to free expression outside of work as long as it doesn't interfere with his job. All in all, I say his work is "cracktacular". (Source)

2. Breast Painting

Australian artist Di Peel uses her breasts in order to paint her canvas. She first got the idea from searching around on the Internet and found a woman who did breast paintings, but the woman had small breasts.

Di PeelDi Peel

Di works at her kitchen table rather than an easel. She finds it easier to apply the paint to her breasts and then lean on the canvas, or apply paint to the canvas and smash her boobs across it to spread the paint around.

Di Peel's Business LogoDi Peel's Business Logo

Volcanic ExplosionVolcanic Explosion

Swirling in the PinkSwirling in the Pink

Di wants to make sure that people don't counterfeit her work, so to be able to tell that you're getting a real Di Peel breast painting, she signs each one with her nipple. (Source)

3. Tongue Painting

I wrote about this artist in an earlier post. Ani K is a teacher from India that uses his tongue to paint pictures.

He was first inspired when he saw a man painting with his foot. Wanting to be different, he decided to try painting with his tongue.

Although he has suffered severe head and body aches from this, Ani K isn't letting that stop him. He keeps licking away at his canvas creating interesting paintings. (Source)

4. Teeth Painting

Christopher Kuster is an artist that paints using only his teeth. Chris is a quadriplegic that was injured in a swimming accident in 1992. The accident left him completely paralyzed from the waist down.

Christopher KusterChristopher Kuster

Starting his life over again, Chris wanted to find a way to express the peace and tranquility that was all around him. "Painting gives me a release from my physical bonds, I become so engrossed in the picture that I no longer feel as if I am in a wheelchair, I am free."

The WarningThe Warning

Florida ManateeFlorida Manatee

Chris hopes that people will enjoy his work and be able to lose themselves in it. He has said that his accident was a life-altering experience and that he's learning to live his life in a new way and wants to share that with everyone. You can view more of his work at his website.

5. Eyeball Painting

Xiang Chen is an artist that has an unusual talent: painting with his eyeball. This artist can write calligraphy and hold paintbrushes under his eyelid in order to write and paint.

Chen discovered when he was young that he was different. Coming home from construction work one day, he was amazed to find that there was sand in his eyes and it didn't bother him at all. He even tried poking sticks in his eyes, but all he felt was an itchy sensation, which actually felt quite relaxing to him.

He can also hold a stick in his eye and play the piano. Doctors have checked him out and haven't seen anything different about his eyes. Maybe he can just tolerate more pain than the rest of us. I know I wouldn't be sticking anything in my eye. (Source)

So there you have it. The wonderful world of using body parts in order to paint art. What do you think? I know the big question on my mind is if the breast painter has ever won any booby prize for her work. (Yeah, I know, bad joke.)

I personally like the butt artist. Which artist is your favorite?


Jun 23, 2008
by Anonymous

Objects d'art

The eyeball thing is gross.
The butt painter's my favorite. I want to find out how he knows where the paint is being placed. He must have an overdeveloped sense of touch and great muscle control.