BodyTrace eScale: The Smartest Bathroom Scale Ever


While men and women alike may balk at the idea of sending their weight directly to the Internet, when they look a little closer at the BodyTrace eScale they may just change their minds. The eScale starts off like any other scale: you stand on it and it gives you your weight. However, it sends your weight to the BodyTrace website via a wireless connection that requires no software installation.  

Why would anyone ever want their weight sent to a website? Well, the BodyTrace site allows users to monitor their weight, analyze fitness goals and interact with the fitness community. Share goals, discuss exercise tips, talk about recipes and diets, etc. The site encourages users to create their own fitness groups of friends, family and coworkers to work toward mutual goals. It's basically fitness social networking. And what could possibly provide better motivation for getting into shape than releasing your weight onto the Internet?

The website also includes a variety of analytical tools such as weight and Body Mass Index charts, food diary and intake calculator that provides information on fat, protein, carbs, water and calories. You can even upload pictures of your progress or drastic lack thereof, putting a belly to the number and tearing away that one last fiber of dignity you have left.

The eScale and BodyTrace website will be available in September. Retail for the scale has been set at $119 and a three-month membership to the website is $19.99, which could make it the most money you've ever spent to be ridiculed about how much weight you've put on.