The Boil Buoy Lets You Know When The Heat Is On

For busy people it is easy to get distracted while having something on the stove. To make sure you know when your water is boiling is bringing out the Boil Buoy. This dandy little gadget rings when your pot is boiling so that you won't miss your tea or burn your soup.

Boil Buoy From Quirky.comBoil Buoy From

The design of the Boil Buoy is very similar to that of an ocean buoy. It floats and stays upright when the water is roiling. The foam core ensures buoyancy while the weighted bottom keeps the gadget upright. Once your water begins to boil the rocking motion causes the stainless steel bell inside the buoy to ring, thus alerting you to attend to your pot.

Boil Buoy From Quirky.comBoil Buoy From

The materials used in the making of the Boil Buoy are 100% heat resistant and food safe. It also has a cool-grip handle at the top to make it easier to remove it from the pan without scalding your fingers.

The Boil Buoy is a smart and simple gadget that will help you stop boiling pots repeatedly as the water runs out, or replacing pans because you cooked them to the stove again. They are available for preorder at The Boil Buoy will go into production once they have enough orders. 

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