Bold, Bright, And Artsy Heels For The Confident Woman: INSA Shoe Line

Some might think shoes are shoe, but for many women, shoes are like a major reflection of who they are. Bold designs in fashion might not be appropriate for the office, but when it comes to footwear, there are different rules that allow women to show their personalities.  This line of shoes doesn't have anything all that unusual about it, but they are unique, classy, and bold..if you're looking for a refined style, however, you won't find it here!

INSA Heels has created a unique new line of footwear that is not just meant to help women show off their personalities with their shoes, but also to have footwear act as a real medium for art. The line is a collaboration between shoe designer Ruth Shaw and artist INSA.

This line for Fall/Winter 2009 is bold, bright, and ready to combat dreary weather and moods with their designs that are sure to brighten any room. The patterns, color choices, and styles offer something perfect for the bold woman who's willing to take a risk with her fashion choices, and this is one line of shoes we're sure not to forget!

Via: FreshnessMag