Bolder Band Headbands Won't Pop Off Your Head During Your Workout

Bolder Band HeadbandsBolder Band Headbands

Ever been in the middle of a workout--sopping with sweat, moving like a finely tuned athletic machine, killing the workout--and you start feeling your headband slide up toward the crown of your head. One more push up and swoop--it pops off, leaving your hair free to adhere to your sweaty face and tickle your eye balls (trust me, that isn't pleasant). This scenario is why Amy Crouse created the Bolder Band, and headband that won't slip off your head.

Made of a spandex/lycra blend, similar to the material of a swimsuit, the Bolder Band is extremely absorbent and will fit your head snugly. The material will retain its elasticity, is machine washable (just don't dry them in a dryer) and comes in a variety of designs and colors. 

Bolder BandBolder Band

The Bolder Band can be worn as thick or as thin as you want. If you love wide headbands, wear it wide, or you can go for a more narrow look. You can also have these headbands custom designed and personalized, and you won't go broke buying a couple of designs, because the Bolder Band only costs $15. Also, if you wear it correctly, and the Bolder Band still slips off your head, the company will replace it with a different size or refund your money. For more information you can check out Bolder Band's site