Bolle iPhone Photo Printer Streamlines Your Phone-to-Paper Process

As iPhones, iPads and iEverythings storm the global tech market, many users are looking for streamlined ways to print photos they've taken with their smartphones - and the Bolle iPhone Photo Printer lets them do just that.

Printing is getting easier - an upgrade from the days when files had to be properly formatted and sent to your computer, then routed to the printer and properly scaled and oriented so you didn't end up with a landscape when you wanted a portrait or a greyscale when you were looking for color. Printer paper has also improved significantly, with many printers able to shoot out photo-quality pages in just minutes.

The Bolle iPhone Photo Printer looks to not only provide the high-quality of images of photo paper but do so directly from your iPhone - and without any ink.

When a user is ready to print a photo, they need only download the free printer app and place their phone in the docking cradle - which charges it, by the way - and all control is handled from there. No cord-to-phone is necessary, nor is any intermediary computer. Once connected, users can choose which photos to print and how they would like them printed - the Bolle iPhone Photo printer can up to 10 images on its standard 4"x6" sheet.

Next, the printer gets to work actually producing the 300 dpi image using yellow, magenta and cyan colored dye crystals that are embedded directly into the paper. Each photo takes less than a minute to print and all images are smudge-proof, tear-proof and water resistant. The printer itself takes up no more space than a box of tissues and is available at Hammacher Sclemmer, among other online retailers, for around $160, and comes standard with a pack of paper to produce 12 prints.

We have only one word here - cool. Sure, we can send images to our email accounts from our iPhones but this is so much more direct and has the advantage of printing out standard-size photos on photo-quality paper. We're all about streamlining technology and this is one option that - if it works as advertised - is right up our alley.

Source: Hammacher Schlemmer