Bolt M1 Is Bringing The Moped Back In Style

Bolt M1Bolt M1

The moped hit the height of its popularity in the 80s, before the scooter started gaining popularity. However, technological advances have seen just about any wheeled vehicle being fitted with electric motors, and the moped is no exception. Bolt Motorbikes has produced their own electric moped, the Bolt M1. It looks like a retro moped, but runs like a modern electric bike. 

Though it looks like your dad's moped from the 80s, the Bolt M1 isn't the two stroke, sputtering machine that he rode. It is fueled by electricity in the form of a 33V battery, and it was built for the city. It is yet another electric personal transportation vehicle that have been flooding the market.

Riding Bolt M1Riding Bolt M1

The Bolt M1 offers all of the standard e-bike features--electric motor, rechargeable battery, LED display, etc--in the form of a moped. It's form is the aspect that sets it apart from most other electric vehicles. It can also reach higher speeds than most--40mph is its top speed in Sport Mode.

Sport Mode will give you 5,500 watts of power and also allows the Bolt M1 to be ridden off-road. If you're looking to conserve your battery, then switch the Bolt to Economy Mode. In this mode, you will sacrifice some speed (top speed in Economy Mode is 30mph), but you will gain about 5-10 miles in max distance. In Sport Mode, you only get around 20-30 miles on a single charge of the battery, while in Economy Mode, you'll be looking to travel around 35 miles or more.

Bolt's DashboardBolt's Dashboard

The Bold M1 is also Bluetooth capable. You can pair your smartphone with the moped and lock the bike via passcode. You can also track your activity with a Bluetooth mobile app.

Bolt was built for the urban commuter. Its rugged design ensures that potholes and other road issues in the city aren't a problem. It also has a quick-release battery, so you don't need a garage to store it when you're done riding. Just slip out the battery, lock the bike and retire to your home (where you can charge the battery in about 5 hours with the Bolt's smart charger). 

Bolt M1 isn't quite ready to hit the market by storm. The makers are now running an IndieGoGo campaign to finance production. You can visit their IndieGoGo site to find out more information on the Bolt M1 or to reserve your own. 

UPDATE:  Bolt Motorbikes recently announced in November 2015 that it has raised over $200,000 on crowd funding platform Indiegogo to bring their electric motorbike, the M-1, to production.