Bomb Proof Wallpaper Aims To Protect Soldiers And Cities: X-Flex™

Popular Science recently released its Best of What's New awards for 2009 in 10 categories.  The Grand Prize Winner in the Security category wasn't a super lock or a 360 degree multi-directional security eye... It was a bombproof wallpaper!



X-Flex, invented by Berry Plastics in partnership with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, is a lifesaving adhesive product - a layer of Kevlar-like material sandwiched between two layers of elastic polymers. Berry Plastics' also makes food containers, plastic wraps, films, and adhesive products, and the X-Flex, although in a totally different sphere of application, combines the technologies developed by the company to create its other products.

X-Flex is so adherent that, when hung on any wall according to directions, it prevents the wall from collapsing, even against the direct attack of a wrecking ball.  When hit, the X-Flex wall seems to become flexible and, in fact, it rebounds back to its original erect position.



 X-Flex is expected to be used to secure buildings and barricades on military bases in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as on other U.S. bases in various parts of the world and, eventually, to protect the great architectural monuments of the world against man-made threats and natural disasters like earthquakes.  Of course, X-Flex not only protects the structures themselves, but the persons in and around them.

X-Flex is expected to available in commercial form next year so that it can be used in home-building, commercial construction, and remodeling.


Berry Plastics via PopSci Best Of What's New, 2009  Thanks to Steve for the tip!


Nov 24, 2009
by Anonymous

apps for

All State Dept bldgs
UN offices overseas
Finance centers.
Police depts.
Scotland Yard

Nov 27, 2009
by Myra Per-Lee

Good list!

Thanks, as always, for adding a list of important applications for our blogged inventions!