Bomber Barrel: Duffel Bag For The Modern Individual

Bomber BarrelBomber Barrel

There's nothing fancy or chic about a duffel bag. There shouldn't be. It is a tote meant for utility, but that doesn't mean it has to be overly simple, cheap or ugly. The Bomber Barrel is the modern duffel bag--sleek in design, just the right size and with features that put it a level above ordinary duffel bags.

Bomber Barrel FeaturesBomber Barrel Features

It seems silly to get excited about a duffel bag--they're just plain and ordinary--however, the designers at Bomber & Co. have created a modern, stylish rendition, with some great features. 

First of all, the Bomber Barrel is an ideal size--not too big and not too small. Its dimensions are 18" x 10" x 10". Duffel bags in general tend to be bigger than this, but the reality is they waste space. We need duffel bags for simple things, like an overnight stay, a gym visit or a hiking or picnic adventure. If we need more space, we tend to go with a suitcase and not a duffel bag. 

Bomber Barrel Zippers And Military Grade ClipsBomber Barrel Zippers And Military Grade Clips

The Bomber Barrel is also weather resistant. Made of nylon ripstop, with water proof zippers, you can count on the Bomber Barrel to get your gear through a rain or snow storm without getting wet.

In addition to being water proof, the zippers, on the Bomber Barrel, come equipped with emergency paracord pulls. If ever you find yourself in an urban pickle--you need a replacement shoelace--or an outdoor emergency--you need to tie off an open wound from a squirrel attack--these paracord pulls will come in handy. 

Mini BomberMini Bomber

Bomber Barrel also comes in a smaller size--the Mini Bomber. This lightweight travelers kit is also weather resistant and features the same sleek design as its big brother, the Bomber Barrel. It also features two pockets and a strap on its side so that you can clip it to your Bomber Barrel if you don't want it inside. 

Bomber CordBomber Cord

Bomber & Co. just ran a successful Kickstarter campaign, and some backers also got the Bomber Cord survival bracelet with their support of the Bomber Barrel. The Bomber Cord is 3 meters long, when extended, and can bear 550 pounds. It also can start a fire. That's right, one end of the Bomber Cord is flint and the other steel, and striking them together produces sparks.

If the Bomber Barrel wasn't cool enough, its accessories definitely make it a one-of-a-kind duffel bag. Though it's not yet on the market, you can visit the Bomber Barrel website to pre-order your own. The Bomber Barrel Kickstarter page is also a great source for more information on the product, if you're still on the fence.