BomBoard: Open Water Excitement On A Low Budget

Picture pulling up to the local beach's parking lot and pulling, from the trunk of your car, 4 pieces of a machine. When you assemble that machine, you have something similar to a Jet Ski, only this machine is lighter and more versatile. This machine is the BomBoard--the world's only modular, high-performance watercraft.


BomBoard Disassembled

As I mentioned, the BomBoard is modular--that is, it comes in parts that can easily be assembled--and it is portable--that is, those pieces can be easily transported. BomBoard breaks away into 4 pieces that can be carried in the trunk of a car, in the bed of just about any truck (unless it's full of other fun watercraft) and in most back seats. 

When you have all four BomBoard modules together, it only takes about 60 seconds to assemble them. The seat snaps to the front/steering module and the two sides snap on. Then you are ready to push the machine into the water and have some high-speed, open water fun.

BomBoard's PiecesBomBoard's Pieces

When you're done, just disassemble the BomBoard, pack it back into your vehicle and take off. There is no need for a trailer, ropes, straps or any other transportation equipment. And that means that you don't have to spend money on that equipment either, which significantly cuts down on the costs of owning your own watercraft. It also means that you don't have to have an expensive truck, on which to haul a big machine.

BomBoard Assembled

When assembled, the BomBoard is about 7 feet long and 3 feet wide. It weighs about 165 pounds, without gas in the 3 gallon tank. So, not only is it modular and portable, when it's all put together, you won't have a problem moving it around. 

Portable Action WatercraftPortable Action Watercraft

The BomBoard can be ridden just like a Jet Ski, in a standing position. You can also hit your knees and ride it similar to how you would a crotch rocket, or you could take a seat and have a leisurely ride on the machine.

Whichever way you choose to ride it, BomBoard is fast and easy to maneuver. It's 4-stroke, 450cc engine will send you shooting aross the water at speeds up to 45mph. And, just like a Jet Ski or motorcycle, as you move your body, the BomBoard will move. Check out the BomBoard in action in the video below. 

Having a Jet Ski in the trunk of your car sounds great, however, with all of the BomBoard's perks, you may be thinking that this thing costs a pretty penny. Not only is BomBoard cost efficient to own, it is relatively inexpensive. Most Jet Skis will run you upwards of 10 grand, however you can get a BomBoard for only $4,000. You'd be lucky to find a used Jet Ski for that price. 

Wounded Warrior Project

BomBoard's founder John West was an Infantry Platoon Commander in Vietnam and served most of his Marine Corp. career in San Diego, where he was immersed in the surf culture. West uses his love of the sea and his innovative product, the BomBoard, to support the military, more specifically, the Wounded Warrior Project

The Wounded Warrior Project was set up to empower and support those who have served our country and were wounded doing so. The BomBoard company supports the Wounded Warrior Project monetarily and through hiring vets. So not only does BomBoard put out an awesomely innovative product, they do some good in the community.

To find out more about BomBoard's support of the military and the BomBoard itself on the BomBoard site