The Bomo Baby Carriage Puts Your Baby In The Driver's Seat


This is an interesting parenting gadget.  Out of Korea comes the Bomo Baby Carriage.  This device is made, I guess, for the busy parents on the go who want to have their baby with them at all times but have no time to pick him/her up.  The gadget looks kind of like an infant car seat on top of a padded sled.  What it does is follow you from room to room, while your delighted child (see picture) rides in the driver’s seat.  It apparently even swerves around obstacles that it encounters along the way.

Rather shockingly, it even comes with a manual mode which puts the baby in control, allowing him/her to peddle and steer the device (though this mode is also said to have the obstruction avoiding feature).  Outside of these options it also has a rocking mode to help put your little one to sleep after a long day on the road.