BonBon Lipgloss Subscription For The Balm Addict

Lip-gloss is one of those things that many women just can't live without. Makeup bags, purses, and pockets all over the world are filled with fruity, shiny, delicious glosses. For the real addicts, there's a great new cosmetics company that can keep on fueling even the worst lip-gloss addiction.


Bonbon is a UK company that offers individuals a monthly lip-gloss subscription. In fact, they don't offer individual sales at all through their unique business. Women (or men) can sign up for the service for 5 GBP for month and like clockwork, a new balm appears in their mailbox each and every month. The specific flavors will always remain a surprise so it's a great little treat for any lip-gloss addict! The containers they come in are also individually designed for a fun artisan feel!  (Update: Bonbon is no longer in business. Lip balm fans may want to try Eos Organic Lip Balms which are wonderful.)