The Bond Bike In Action

About two and a half month ago, I did a post about the BOND Bike. Standing for Built of Notorious Deterrents, the Bond bike was built by as a show piece for the London Cycle Show.

While some of the "deterrents" were only for show--the pyrotechnic show called handlebar "flamethrowers," for instance--the most intriguing aspect of the bike, its snow track, was all real. It's actually a K-Trak system and is available for anyone to upgrade their bike for a little extra snow-handling capability. A tread in back and a ski up front, K-Trak turns an average mountain bike into a full-on snow bike.

Well,  Yannick Read, a member of the Environmental Transport Authority, the organization behind building the bike recently took advantage of some early December snow in putting the Bond bike to the test. Read expressed some difficulty in pedaling the bike through the flats, but was impressed with how it handled going down hill. 

He told BikeRadar in a conversation: "It's really designed for riding downhill, as on the flat it's quite hard work. But I took it up to the Snow Dome at Milton Keynes, so I could test it on the downhill. I'm not sure I'd trade it in for my snowboard, but it's definitely a great laugh."

It's pretty clear that he doesn't plan to trade his regular commuter in anytime soon, but it's also clear that the K-Trak-equipped bike is more than just a bike-show novelty. I'm not sure that it's worth $530, but if you want a little extra traction in the snow than your average mountain bike is willing to give, you can find the tread system through Canada-based K-Trak

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Via: BikeRadar