Bone Touch Smartphone Gloves Keep Fingers Warm When Making Cold Calls

When winter winds have your tender texting hands frozen to the bone, slip on Bone Touch smartphone gloves for the look of skeletal fingers without the frostbitten feel. These coolish ghoulish gloves have got what it takes to keep Mrs Palm and her five daughters toasty as can be while you type, text & talk in the worst weather.

Bone Touch smartphone gloves are black with white fingertips containing conductive silver threads which maintain the crucial connection between you and your phone.

While not suitable for extended Antarctic expeditions or brisk ascents up Everest, these gloves will provide protection to exposed skin for the few minutes required to answer a text or make a phone call outdoors. Besides, mobile reception on the frozen continent and the upper Himalayas is sketchy at the best of times.

Choose from pink or white finger & wrist bone graphics printed on the backs of the gloves. Get yours from Strapya Taobao, they can be ordered online from the Bone Touch product page and cost just 116 yuan (about $18.65) per pair plus shipping.

UPDATE: The Bone Touch gloves are now available in the U.S. and can be found here at Amazon.

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