Bizarre Weight Loss Solution Lifts, Separates, Disturbs


Obese people looking to slim down will try many fixes in order to look good; some make you look bad in the meantime. Case in point: the unisex Boneless Belt. Looking somewhat like a cross between a rubber bath mat and, when worn, a lady-dog Halloween costume, this bizarre belt is meant to be worn under the dieter's clothing - for which we all may be thankful.

Like most Japanese health and beauty products, there's a scientific explanation behind the way the weight loss belt works. The above comparative graph is straightforward enough but just in case further explanation is required...

Here goes: In effect, the structure of the rubber belt is a large mesh grid that splits the dieter's belly, side and back fat into easily manageable blobs. This allows for increased metabolic consumption of calories and raises the propensity for increased blood flow values. More blood flow = more heat = more burning of fat. Got it? Good... What's NOT good is that a multitude of fat blobs are squeezed out in a manner that disturbingly resembles mini-boobs. 

The Boneless Belt - don't ask where the odd name comes from - comes in two-row and three-row versions and both come in M, L and LL sizes; they can be ordered online from Yahoo Japan. Although they're made from rubber, a special manufacturing process masks that unpleasant rubber odor with one of "lavender rose". Pretty... just keep your eyes closed.

May 6, 2009
by Boomer Babe


Boy is that gross!  Pretty funny though...

May 6, 2009
by Anonymous

That's also a way to get

That's also a way to get your sixpack :)

May 6, 2009
by Anonymous

i believe the name comes

i believe the name comes from the term "boneless ham" which is basically the japanese version of calling somebody a "muffin top" here. imagine a big fat ham with that net around it, and the meat pushing out through the net.

May 26, 2009
by Anonymous