Bonfi Is A Table, Chair and Cooler

Bonfi As A TableBonfi As A Table

When packing for a camping trip, you don't want to be bogged down with gear, so it's always a good idea to consolidate The Bonfi allows you to do this by combining the functions of a cooler, table and chair in a unique, Eco-friendly design.


The Bonfi looks a bit like a log, but don't let it fool you (not that you'd confuse its recycled HDPE construction with wood), it's really a multipurpose cooler. Of course, being a cooler, you can store perishables that require ice to stay fresh in the Bonfi, or you can use it to store other things that don't require ice. You can turn it on its side and use it as a bench seat that will seat two or stand it up and use it as a table. The lid doubles as a cup holder and a waterproof, foam seat. Bonfi also has a built-in bottle opener. 

Bonfi As A CoolerBonfi As A Cooler

As awesome as this product sounds and as great as it would be around your campfire, you can't get your hands on it just yet. Bonfi is still in its developmental stages, but you can find out more about it and keep track of how the development in progressing at