Book Printer Combines Form And Fiction Into Function

It's often what's between the covers that counts, and this is nowhere more true than with the Book Printer, a "novel" solution to portable printing.

The idea behind Moonhwan Park's Book Printer was to be able to portably print wherever and whenever the moment strikes, but without having to run to a print shop or back home to get the results of your paper labors. Instead, the Book Printer comes in at a sleek 50x257x182mm and looks like - you guessed it - a book!

It bears the most resemblance to a large hardcover novel, thicker than most but still within the "War and Peace" range of readers. Once opened up, however, the front cover becomes a paper feed tray and the "pages" pull out into a small paper holder for when the printing process is done.

It's a book!It's a book! 

Wait: it's a printer!Wait: it's a printer! 

The first page of the book holds all of the controls needed as well as a docking station for iPhones and other Bluetooth compatible devices.

We presume that the middle section of the Book Printer would hold the ink cartridge, though we're curious about just where the paper would be held. It would look rather obvious to carry around this sleek Book Printer but also a stack of bright white printer paper under one arm.

Still, a portable printer is a very good idea and something that more and more home office users will be clamouring for as the world of business moves out of the office tower and into homes, cafes and cars. We think we've got a good read on the Book Printer and we could see it reviewing very well.

Source: Yanko