Bookmarks Go Natural With Grassy Green Markers

Don't just turn the page, turn over a new leaf! That's the idea behind Green Markers, self-adhesive bookmarks you can use to save your fave pages in cool looking, eco-friendly style.

The design concept for Green Markers comes from Bananao and Kinue Oneda, the creative team from Japanese design house Yuruliku. Their search for something more attractive than dog-eared 3M Post-It Notes to mark book pages lead them to the closest things to natural bookmarks: the long, flat leaves of certain grasses.

Like Post-It Notes, Green Markers use the same type of non-permanent adhesive that makes them reusable yet won't mark or gum up the pages of your fave books - and we won't even get into the abhorrent practice of yellow highlighting. They also stay crisp and green, unlike actual grass that will wilt and fade to an unappealing brown.

Green Markers come in 3 different lengths (for that natural bushy effect) and you get an assortment of 75 in each package for just 700 yen, or about $8.25 per package. Be leaf it or not! (via Spoon & Tamago)