Bookshelf Chair Combines Comfort, Design and Efficiency

A womb with a view...A womb with a view...

"The Cave" bookshelf by Japanese furniture designer Sakura Adachi offers booklovers a comfortable space in which they can really become one with their reading material.

Originally from Aichi prefecture in Japan, 29-year-old Adachi is now based in Milan, Italy, and works for design firm Studio & Partners. Her enticing bookshelf design, now available in smaller versions for kids and pets (pets can read... who knew?) is intended to provide a relaxing, comfortable environment for readers.

Really get into your reading!Really get into your reading!

"I wanted to create a situation like from your childhood," says Adachi. "Like when you're at home, hiding under the table, listening to your parents' conversation. That is a memorable experience that many people have."

The pleasingly proportioned design acts as a room divider, allowing access to reading material from either side. Meanwhile, an integral reading lamp shines down upon anyone occupying the cozy, womb-like chair area.

"Who you callin' dog-eared??""Who you callin' dog-eared??"

"The Cave" is a new design just recently put into production and current prices reflect that: 5,250 euros (about $7,045) for the large version and around $4,830 for the kid's version.

The bookshelves are made to order at a dedicated facility in the UK and orders take approximately 8 to 12 weeks to be delivered. If you're interested in any of Adachi's designs, you can order direct from her website at (via NY Times and YankoDesign)

Steve Levenstein
Japanese Innovations Writer

Dec 1, 2007
by Boomer Babe

Needs soundproofing!

Don't you think? Like a cocoon... Ahh. Maybe a little temperature control too, now that it's winter! Very neat idea.

Dec 3, 2007
by Gloria Campos
Gloria Campos's picture

I love it

I love this and I really really really want one of the bookshelves with a cave. I would be in it all day. Well not all day but a lot. My only wish is that it were made of environmentally friendly material.