Take a Load Off With the Boomerang Chair

The boomerang--what an underappreciated piece of sporting equipment. I mean what other medium can you use to play catch with yourself? It's about time the boomerang got a little props.

In this case, the props come courtesy of a boomerang-inspired chair that looks as comfortable as it does awesome. The chair takes the look of two boomerangs strung together with webbing, providing a comfortable and stylish ass retainer perfect for a game room or man cave. 

A big budget game room or man cave. You'll pay $1,500 for each of these Neutra Boomerang Chairs--a price that could also fetch you a pretty comfy couch able to hold multiple asses. But, if you have the money to spend, the Boomerang Chair is certainly a fashionable piece. You'll find it in walnut and maple with black or natural webbing.

I wouldn't recommend throwing this out the window to see if it comes back. It won't. And neither will your 1,500 clams. 

My one complaint with this chair: They should have curved that boomerang out and made it a rocker. Seems like they could have made a rocker while still maintaining the boomerang look. Oh well, maybe next piece.

Uncrate via Trend Hunter