Boonghand Lighter Keeps Thieves From Getting Your Precious Fire

Lighters are one of the most often-purchased plastic commodities – cheaply purchased and easily forgotten or stolen by others of the cancer-stick or fire-loving persuasion. Now, the concept Boonghand lock lighter helps keeps sticky fingers off of your fire-maker.


The idea behind the Boonghand lock lighter is simple – keep your fire in your hands, where it belongs. Lighters are easy to lose, and even “friends” won’t worry much over picking up one they see on a table and claiming it for their own. Some lighter lovers try to combat this problem by purchasing expensive metal versions they swear they’ll never lose, but these too tend to get snapped up the first time they are accidentally left behind.


Now, the Boonghand lighter concept seeks to remedy that problem by providing fire that only the owner can access and use to light their items ablaze. Bearing a striking similarity to a standard mechanical combination lock, the Boonghand actually functions as one, in addition to spewing forth bright orange flame when called upon.


The Boonghand is planned to come with a 0-0-0 code that an owner can easily change to one of their liking, and once that’s done, the fire making aperture of the device will be locked and unusable until the proper combination is entered on the three dials.


Next, the forward part of the shackle will come free and a user then need only spin it 180 degrees and push it down to get the flame flowing. When the need for fire has passed, the shackle can be placed back over the flame opening and depressed. As soon as one of the dials is moved, the Boonghand will once again be locked and appear as no more than a well-crafted mechanical lock.

Fire: now unlocked for awesomeness.Fire: now unlocked for awesomeness.


So fear no more, fire-lovers – leaving your Boonghand on the table will likely result in some curious looks, interested touches but ultimately no loss as friends and onlookers alike realize they just don’t have the skills to make it work.


While concept lighters are big business and quite few can’t really get our interest blazing, putting this one into production would result in a sure-fire hit.


Source: Behance Network

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